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Monday, April 9, 2012

Home Sweet Home: Series shifts to "Vehicle City" tied at one apiece

By: Joey Battaino

After a split in Port Huron, as a smart broadcaster so duly predicted, the Michigan Warriors are spending this long six days between games two and three, preparing for the potent Port Huron Fighting Falcons offense.

You figured it was just a matter of time after their 43 shot performance in game 1 only resulted in one goal for the Falcons. They came back the next night with a 42 shot performance that saw Warriors rookie netminder Trevor Gorsuch yield five Port Huron goals.

Things I've Noticed:

1. Port Huron looked mighty tentative in game 1. They were pulling up at the first sight of contact and handling the puck like a piece of glass.

2. For as tentative as Port Huron looked in game 1, the Warriors may have looked more so in game 2. The Warriors had trouble even completing passes to get out of their zone, let alone, setup the offense. They had only 18 shots in all of game 2.

3. "Playing with Fire" If Port Huron plays as aggressively in game 3 as they did in game 2, they will get burned. Perani Arena is a bigger ice surface and if you try to forecheck 3, it's coming back 3 on 2 90% of the time. Port Huron even sometimes had a fourth forechecking defenseman step up to disrupt passes in game 2.

4. "Rattle Milosek" It's pretty obvious to me that Falcons goaltender Max Milosek can be rattled. By multiple things. He was upset at himself for giving up certain rebounds and it really seemed to me that his game fell apart in game 1 when Dan Sakalian scored by driving the net and then ran him over. On the other side of the spectrum, it seems that he gets real confident, almost cocky, if he can make a couple early saves. Point being, If you're the Warriors, drive the net and score early in game 3

5. "Turnovers" You would have thought the Warriors were running a bakery with how many turnovers they had in game 2. Port Huron was forechecking hard, and the time and space that was there in game 1, was no longer there in game 2.

The biggest key for game 3 for a Warriors perspective is to score first. This Port Huron team is too good to spot them the first goal or two. Not to mention the Warriors offense was whistling in the dark for most of game 2.

If your a Warriors fan however, you must be satisfied with where your team is at. A split in Port Huron gives the Warriors home ice advantage and a chance to end the series this weekend in Flint.

Game 3 and 4 are Friday and Saturday, April 13th and 14th. Both games start at 7pm and can be heard on Supertalk 1570AM and on the web at w/ yours truly.

Warriors fans are being encouraged to wear red to the rink this weekend to support the Warriors "Let Em See Red" playoff campaign.

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